How well do Filipinos know climate change?

How well do Filipinos know about the subject of climate change? Do they take notice of the changing climate’s effects? How do they react to the changes? Do they think they can change or reduce the effects of this phenomenon.

The Philippines is listed 5th among nations most affected by climate change from 1998 – 2017, according to the 2019 Global Climate Risk Index by Germanwatch, a non-government development and environmental organization.

Considering the vulnerability of the Philippines in the report, what must be considered to lessen the climate’s effect on people?

Watch the video to see how well Filipinos around Manila know about climate change and what the Climate Change Commission thinks about the level of awareness in the Philippines. -- Video shot and edited by Gio Gonzalves.

(This story is produced by VERA Files under a project supported by the Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, which aims to empower journalists from developing countries to cover the environment more effectively.)


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