VERA FILES FACT CHECK: How much does President Duterte earn monthly?

In a speech during the inauguration of New Hope Village, a Typhoon Haiyan rehabilitation housing in Sta. Elena, Tacloban City, President Rodrigo Duterte made a fuss about the relatively low pay he has been receiving as president of the country.

He only takes home P130,000 monthly, Duterte said on Jan. 25.


Referring to private contractors and their salaries, the President said: “...Unang-una ‘yung sweldo nila, malalaki (First of all, their salaries are huge.) They award to each other millions and even… This has to stop.”

He then lamented:

"Ako nga 130,000 lang ako. Duha ka pamilya [laughter]. Totoo. Gibuhi na ko… Eh wala akong magawa eh. 130,000. Unsaon mong pagtunga ana? Kay katong uban nako mga anak, nanga-minyo, unya tamang-tama lang (I only make 130,000. And I have two families [laughter]. That’s true. I support them with that… I can’t do anything about it. 130,000, how do you divide that? When my children get married, it’s really just enough)."

(Source: Visit to the New Hope Village Housing Project, watch from 8:55 to 9:27)


When he assumed the presidency in July last year, Duterte’s basic monthly salary was P165,752 until December 2016. The president understated his salary by P35,752.

Starting Jan. 1, 2017, Duterte’s basic monthly salary rose to P222,278. This is 70 percent more than what the president said he was getting.

Of the 33 pay levels in government, the highest salary grade is assigned exclusively to the president under Republic Act No. 6758 or the Compensation and Position Classification Act of 1989.

Like other civil servants, the president began receiving a year-end bonus on top of the midyear bonus starting 2016.

Duterte is reaping the benefits of Aquino’s Executive Order No. 201, which sought to increase salaries of government officials annually in four tranches. The order signed in February 2016 was retroactive to January 2016.

Aquino, however, did not benefit from the adjustment since the 1987 Constitution exempts the incumbent president, vice president and members of Congress from salary increases until after their terms have expired. At the time he bowed out of office, Aquino was receiving a P120,000 monthly salary.

Duterte’s salary in 2018 will be P298,083.

In 2019, Duterte is expected to receive P399,739 under the modified salary schedule. By then the president will be receiving three times the amount he claimed to be getting in his speech.


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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: How much does President Duterte earn monthly?

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