VERA FILES FACT CHECK: TikTok video of crowd chanting Marcos’s name in Manila Bay is FAKE

A video showing a man carrying a banner with another one beating a drum while walking around the Manila Baywalk Dolomite Beach went viral a few days ago for the wrong reasons. It was mashed up with an audio from a different clip, altered to show that the crowd was chanting the name of presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.

The video was uploaded on TikTok with the caption: “BBM LNG [sic] MALAKAS MANILA BAY #MANILA #MANILABAY #bbmfor2022president #BBM.”

This is fake. The crowd was not chanting Marcos’ name.

The video was overlaid with an audio from another TikTok video where a crowd can be heard chanting “Marcos, Marcos pa rin”, with the former senator seen encouraging them to continue chanting his name. This was uploaded last Oct. 25.

The people in the video taken at the Manila Bay are members of the Sri Sri Radha Madha Mandir. They posted a series of short videos on Oct. 25 showing them walking around the area and singing religious songs.

According to their website, the religious organization is under the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement.

The video has garnered more than 1.1 million views, 140,000 likes and almost 3000 shares as of this writing. It was uploaded by Tiktok user quemz25.

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