News South China Sea: Waters of Contention

What do fishermen think about the West Philippine Sea?

(This special report was first published by on Dec. 14, 2023.)

MANILA, Philippines — In the last year, tensions escalated in the West Philippine Sea, with numerous incidents involving Chinese vessels dominating headlines across media platforms.

Amid the uproar, some voices risk being drowned out and unheard.

During a visit to Masinloc, Zambales in September, had the chance to listen to the stories and sentiments of local fishermen regarding their experiences in the West Philippine Sea.

Among those met was William Laigue, a seasoned fisherman of over 40 years, who shared insights into the everyday life of fishermen in Masinloc.

He openly shared deep concern about China’s presence in the West Philippine Sea.

Watch’s special report entitled “Wala na tayo magagawa”:  West Philippine Sea sa mata ng mga mangingisda.


(This special report was produced under VERA Files’ project on enhancing the media’s capability to raise public awareness of the situation in the South China Sea, funded by the Government of Canada through its Canada Fund for Local Initiatives. #CanadaFundPH
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