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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Surigao congressman errs in claiming Duterte ‘never’ ordered the killing of drug pushers

Former president Rodrigo Duterte “never ordered the killing of drug pushers.”


On several occasions, at least once a year since 2016, Duterte made public statements authorizing law enforcers to kill drug suspects, particularly those who are resisting arrest and fighting back.

Explaining the reason for filing a resolution in the House of Representatives supporting former president Rodrigo Duterte against the International Criminal Court’s investigation into the drug war-related killings, Surigao del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel falsely claimed that Duterte never ordered the killings of suspects in the bloody campaign against illegal drugs.

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In the same interview, Pimentel claimed that the ICC has no jurisdiction over the Philippines following its withdrawal from the Rome Statute in 2019.

Article 127, paragraph 2 of the Rome Statute, the treaty that established the ICC, provides that a country that has withdrawn is not cleared of its obligations for incidents that occurred when it was still a state party.

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