VERA FILES FACT CHECK: The scheme behind scams: Why death hoaxes don’t die

​Marawi one year later: Media could have saved lives

​Back to the drawing board for the DOH quit line

Sr. Fox, Frs. Paez and Ventura’s ‘crime': solidarity with the poor


VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Anti-Duterte Facebook page uses fake photos, falsely hints current admin in crisis

Facebook page Silent No More PH mislabeled two photos to falsely insinuate the Duterte…

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Facebook post uses fake photos to prop up Duterte gov’t

Facebook page Philippine Shocking History posted a manipulated before-and-after photo collage.

THIS WEEK IN FAKE NEWS: Robredo DID NOT call Duterte ‘useless’

This fake report trended on social media this week. Don’t believe it.

Desaparecido cases rise with Duterte’s war on drugs

Forty desaparecido cases were reported in the first two years of the Duterte presidency.


PWD Files

Evacuation centers, relief goods not PWD-inclusive

PWDs left behind in Marikina’s disaster preparedness efforts

The benefits of hiring PWDs, as told by companies

DIY shelters for the ‘Big One’ not PWD-inclusive


The prime of composer Nilo Alcala

Chaos or Serenity: What's Your Manila?

History & nostalgia in American Songbook in Baguio City

Lambunao’s ‘Ligom pigs go to Labs

New CCP chair Margie Moran bats for early exposure to the arts for kids

It takes a village to support an orchestra

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