BUHAY KA PA BA? Portrait of a president as a source of disinformation

​New study says fake news production goes beyond money

​Duterte, Sara fail to declare P100M investments, documents show

PHOTOS: Press freedom advocates unite against media attacks


VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Calida falsely claims Duterte immunity exempts him from ICC probe, accuses CHR of bragging about probing the president

Duterte’s immunity from suit during his tenure does not stop the ICC from investigating him.

THIS WEEK IN FAKE NEWS: Kuwait DID NOT give ‘all-out support’ to abused OFWs on Duterte’s orders

This fake report trended on social media this week. Don’t believe it.

THIS WEEK IN FAKE NEWS: Ex-health chief Garin DID NOT turn against Aquino

This fake report trended on social media this week. Don’t believe it.

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: Timeline of the controversy on Duterte’s wealth

In the latest of a saga that dates back to the 2016 elections, at the center of which is the…


An interesting profile of a troll

Tension in Taiwan Strait

Ombudsman: Probe vs Duterte can be refiled


PWD Files

Evacuation centers, relief goods not PWD-inclusive

PWDs left behind in Marikina’s disaster preparedness efforts

The benefits of hiring PWDs, as told by companies

DIY shelters for the ‘Big One’ not PWD-inclusive

ASEAN at 50

​ASEAN’s Double Vision of Migration

Experts say South China Sea dispute may pave the way for deeper EU-ASEAN relations

​‘Realistically constructive’ statement on the South China Sea

VERA FILES FACT SHEET: Timeline of landmark ASEAN document on migrant workers


Joseph Gatti wows Filipino balletomanes

Bouyed by a successful HK stint, soprano Stefanie Quintin prepares for Valentine concert at Ayala Museum

The challenge of Don Quixote

Baguio romance from the ’30s recreated

​Respect and love equals condom: new UNAIDS PH director

‘A comedy of tenors’ is reminiscent of opera icons’ Manila visits

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